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  • Ok so, I'm stuck. I'm working on a puzzle game.

    I couldn't see several things on the forums for what I need, thing is

    I'm aiming to create an artistic game not gameplay oriented but it will

    be in such a way that it would have a profound meaning.

    I believe that I could bring something new to Construct 2 and get more people involved. (new as in inspirational not mechanics)

    The things I need:

    Light Sources, and Dark sources.

    -I mean you go in a cave, and it's dark, you have a (limited)small amount of peripheral vision like horror games, but also spots like torches that give vision, I imagine like a shader, unless it can be done otherwise.

    Ability to change characters.

    -For example you press, 'X' near an IDLE character and you 'possess' it.

    Then you can press 'X' again and you leave it. (If it's possible, is there a way to project the direction the main character leaves the body)

    And you can have certain characters that have hotkeys for puzzles, press 'a' and you switch to Block and block fills hole which allows 's' and 'd' to pass and fulfil the objectives to get the main character to the goal.

    Ladders and Action Buttons.

    -Obviously a ladder, but for example you hold a button 'C' for x seconds and it opens a door.

    If you can help me, thank you and if you can't but still read this, thank you for your time. :)

  • All the things you are talking about are possible. But I don't understand what you want to achieve with this topic.

    If you want to learn how to make these things within construct, you should first learn the basics. I'd recommend following a few tutorials first to understand how to work with events, conditions and actions.

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  • Ok thx for the quick reply, I'll see if I can't do it myself, if not for the moment I'll come up with a quick concept, problem is, I'm better if I have the stuff preset and then just add my own graphics xD

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