How do I make Hand held camera / Shaky camera?

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  • Is it possible to make hand held camera in C2?

    Something like this, but not in 3d:

  • I think you can do it by lerping a random position.

    If you're using the scrollto behaviour, create a dummy called (CamAim) object that has the scrollto behaviour.

    Create another dummy object called shake.

    Every random(0.2,0.8) seconds.

    ---> Shake, set X position to windowWidth/2+(random(-10,10))

    Every random(0.2,0.8) seconds.

    ---> Shake, set Y position to windowHight/2+(random(-10,10))

    You can replace "WindowWidth/2 & windowHight/2 with your characters XY position if or any other point where you want the camera to be center.


    Every tick.

    Set CamAim position X to lerp(self.X,shake.X,random(0.1,0.2))

    Set CamAim position Y to lerp(self.Y,shake.Y,random(0.1,0.2))

    I don't have Construct 2 in front of me now, but something like that should work,

    This should create some kind of slight random movement.

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  • Oh, thank you for your knowledge, here's the capx made by those values:!Au4NFDIvBHhRi61Awo1U6ewNKPcY5g

    It's little bit rough and "cubic" - I'm trying to make the movement smaller and smoother, like this:

    Every random seconds



    Shake (object)

    X > windowWidth/2+(random(-5,5))

    Y > windowWidth/2+(random(-5,5))

    Every tick



    here's the capx with those values:!Au4NFDIvBHhRi60-VjIRrrXUAmh9xw

    I was wondering - could "Sine" be added to camAim and to these events and actions to make the shakiness little bit smoother?

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