How Do I Hack Mass Particle Simulation

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  • tunepunk

    This roughly follows that, except it jitters left and right instead of moving diagonally. Being done in a shader we can't actually move pixels. We can only change them. To do this it detects patterns and changes pixels.

    Doing it with an array can also be done. It looks good but does not scale like the shader can.

    Anyways it may be possible to do diagonal motion instead of horizontal.


    White doesn't fall which explains why much of the init graphic doesn't fall.

    Things move a pixel at a time so to make it spread faster pixels either need to move further every step or the effect needs to be applied multiple times. You can add a repeat condition to the second event to do the latter.

    I don't understand the second question.

    To fall it spreads out vertically first, which makes it look to fall slow. I see no solution to this if done from an effect, and the web seems to lack examples to this except for one on shader toy. However I lost interest in analyzing how it works and mapping it to what we can do with effects in C2.

    Also I found a way to test it. If I couldn't do that it would be broken in many ways.

  • R0J0hound is there any way to change the color/add color that Is Imoveable? And what I meant about the question you did not understand is like a "trail" type thing it's like in the game falling sands when you use the lsd object and use a physics object how it has a trail type thing on it. And I was wondering if there is a way you could remove that?

  • You can modify the effects to make a different color be immovable. To use any color for solid it would require more creativity with the effect to somehow encode color and whether it's sand or solid in each pixel.

    There isn't a "trail" when I run it so I don't see what is to be removed.

    Also if you search the forum for "falling sand" you should find some examples using an array.

  • I Don't Quite See Where or How I Could Change it, maybe in the sanddrop.fx or?

  • To just change the color used for solid replace the

    vec4(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0) with any other color.

    The second idea to let multiple colors be solid is unsolved.

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  • Thank You Very Much! XD

  • R0J0hound What Color Code Is That? because I cant find any color codes online matching that format.

  • That's the value in the two fx files. It's the red, green, blue, and alpha amount. All in the range of 0.0 to 1.0.

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