Guide for setting up In Game Ads in CocoonJS

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  • Hi Guys,

    I've been trying to learn to set up ads using MoPub in CocoonJS for iOS.

    Unfortunately, I've had no luck getting anything to appear.

    So far, I've found the following links which have given me some information:

    This is from 3division:

    1- In C2 project use the Cocoon Ad event.

        If CocoonJs ads are available --- Show ads, etc.

    2- Get a premium account in Ludei. For the moment they are free and if you say you are serious about your project they will give one to you.

    3- Get a MoPub account, fill in your data, create an Ad, you will get an ID code for that Ad.

    4- Once you get Ludei?s premium account you can go to extensions in the cloud compiler.

    5- Paste there the Ad ID code using the JSON code example above.

    6- Validate the code to see if what you put there is ok.

    7- Compile your APK and test it on the mobile. You should see now a Mopub Test add.

    I've followed all the steps, except for adding in JSON - there appears to be nothing like that on the CJS settings?

    I just added the Ad id from mopub.

    Also, although creating ads in MoPub seemed straightforward enough, I have no idea if I've done it properly.

    Anyway, for those who have done this if you could give me a little help, I'd be more than happy to make a guide for everyone else struggling.

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  • Did you ever get this working?

  • I second this =P

    I've been trying to get it working for months now =(

    Please someone help us

  • Months?!? I've just spent a few days on this and it's frustrating me to no ends :S My configuration looks solid but I can't even see the test ad in my game :(

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  • Works fine for me. The only action you really need to use is "Cocconjs Show banner ad" or "Cocconjs Show full screen ad", you don't need to check with any conditions for anything. So I would just make an action with the condition "On start of layout".

    Also make sure you are configuring your ads correctly in MoPub. For example if you're using Admob you need to bring the app ID over from Admob and input it into the Mopub network settings.

  • one of the most important things .... patience hehe

    The test add shows up quick, but the rest doesnt the first time, at least it did for me, on multiple occassions.

    Important things:   

    game ID and information needs to be correct, your bundle ID too.

    If you hve all the ids sorted with apps add units, and ids in ludei .. there is another important thing, you have to enable everything.

    After having added admob site/app, you need to activate the banners for that site app.

    In mopub, you need to active the global segments from the banner provider for your specific add unit.

    In both sites, you also need to set the netework CPM. (I set mine to 0.05)

    Took a bit, but after an hour or so, banners started appearing.

  • Hey Guys,

    No I never got this working. I ended up just leaving it, but now I've got another issue in xcode where it is saying it has a signature issue with the icon or something. I've kind of given up with Cocoon at this stage.

  • I haven't had much success with the ads displaying either. very frustrating :(

  • How do I become a premium Ludei. It lacks proper guidance to those who want to insert Ads in their games!

  • JulieApp YOu need to fill out the form to use the extensions on the CocoonJS (Ludei Cloud Compiler) site. I forget the link it is actually hard to find, but if you go through the documentation there should be a link in it that asks if you need to use the extensions and that takes you to the form you need to fill out.

  • I am putting upside site ludei but this 'cursed' link can not find it!

  • However, the documentation of Construct 2, since the program does not generate apk, should make it available. It is a simple link ...

  • This is a documentation...

    But it does not tell you how to integrate the extension. It does not say anything ... just talk!

  • If you can't find the link, then just email and tell them you would like to be a premium member. You will need to tell them that you are developing games for different platforms and need access to their extensions in the cloud compiler.

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