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  • Have been evaluating C2 for GS replacement, since I'm running out of features, options and platforms.

    I've seen Ashley's guide tutorials (can't post links because of my low reputation) how to import GS project to C2 it just doesn't seem to work. Getting complains about_ object name is empty or invalid Under element: c2project \ object-folder \ object-type. Line 34, column 9

    Doesn't tell about which file though.

    Any suggestions on this one? Is there something that should be removed from GS project which is known not to be supported? Any tools or plugins I could use?

  • In my experience, the import never truly worked.

    But then, just recently I did a test and converted one of the tutorials that come with GMS in hour an hour (DnD1).

    Honestly. You are much better off just re-creating in C2.

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  • I just tried to open the demo game from GameMaker Studio and it opened without error.

    All it does, however, is import the screen layout - the code still has to be re-done.

    Useful - but not that useful :/

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