How do I gravity illusion in the beat 'em up

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  • Is there any way to visually simulate gravity in a game model beat'em up?

    I can simulate the bounce effect with the use of two objects, one with the platform behavior, it is positioned out of layout, upon a solid with its "Y" at zero. Within the layout another object with the behavior 8 directions.

    Using the event the event "every tick: September position player (8direction.X, 8direction.Y + platform.Y)

    using the control simulate command: jump.

    when pressing a botlao the character seems to jump normally. the problem is when I try to use different heights of ground.

  • As I could not directly post the video link, I ask for patience to piece together the link. thanks for listening.







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  • mageman. bitballoon. com finally I managed to simulate the illusion of gravity, but the placement of the shadow on the ground is still bad. I'm happy with any suggestion to fix this problem!

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