Gradually speeding up game after certain peroid?

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  • I'm creating an Autorunner game and i wanted to add a feature where the game speeds up gradually after a certain period of time.

    What i'm looking for is something like after 15 seconds into the game, the gameplay will start to slowly increase in speed and will continue to increase until a certain period of time or speed, at which point the game will continue at that set speed.

    Is this possible to do? I would appriciate an help on this matter.


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  • You could use the System Event "Compare Time", two constants (START_TIME and END_TIME) and a number global variable as state (increaseDifficulty).

    Set increaseDifficulty to 0.

    Add a Compare Time event to check current time against START_TIME. If it is equal to START_TIME, you would set increaseDifficulty to 1.

    Add a Compare Time event to check current time against END_TIME. If it is equal to END_TIME, you would set increaseDifficulty back to 0.

    Also, you must set actions that increase game elements speed acording to the rule you want to be taken Every X Seconds if increaseDifficulty is 1.


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