Golden Axe Plataform, Jump & Movement

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  • I don't think that there is a simple way of creating 2.5D platform behaviour in C2. 2.5D physics must be applied to events etc. I'm working on a 2.5d game right now which involves platform behaviour in stage 2. When i reach to that point i'll be able to spend time on figuring things out and put my ideas in place. If i have a breakthrough i'll post it here.

  • I didn't quite get what Tokinsom did. I mean, why not use any behavior for the movement? And how would I be able to jump to a higher plataform or fall from edges? Waiting for a enlightment :D

    Because there aren't any behaviors for this type of movement and the previous method is totally impractical. You'll need to code it yourself. Platform depth is just an illusion as it is in top-down RPGs. You achieve it by offsetting .Y_Orig. Try using the shadow to detect them. I'd work on the .capx more but I don't have the time right now. Best of luck!

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  • basically moving up and down and jumping is the same thing - sprite moves on Y axis. If you are using 8Direction behavior for movement you can then simply disable it when jump key is pressed. move (or animate) sprite along -Y axis, and when jump is finished enable 8Dir again.

    Limitation of this is that you can't move while jumping.

    If you wan't to move and jump at the same time do it same way but instead of disabling behavior add an offset for Y position.

    You can enable an event like, (invert) when player is on collision with), floor or objects). then set a keyboard command to move the player when in the air then cancel it on collision with desired objects, yes its a bit more code but atleast when progressing with the game you can add objects to the event or sub events which will give more variety.

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