Glitch in Platformer Teleporting

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  • Hi,

    I have a small project where when the player falls off a cliff, is teleported back to where the player started.

    After the teleport happens, the player sprite is gittery / glitchy and cannot be controlled. After maybe a second then control and behavior goes back to normal.

    Anyone have any ideas what is going on? I've included an example project showing the behavior.

    BTW. I did read in the manual for the Solid behavior that something like this can happen if the teleport happens inside the Solid object. But in my case I am teleporting the player above the solid object.

    I've tried this on IE and Chrome. The gitteriness seems to be more noticeable on Chrome.

    Thank you!!!!


  • Take out the Wait and it's fine. Set the Y check for the Y co-ords you want instead of waiting 1 second.

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  • Thanks, plinkie.

    I didn't think that was part of the problem.

    I'm hoping to have a momentary delay before I show that the player is back. How can I do this without introducing odd behavior? Set it to invisible, then wait a second, and then set back to visible?

  • My idea seems to work. Sorry for not trying it beforehand but maybe this will be helpful to someone else. Thanks again!

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