How do I make the game screen show the full layout?

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  • When I run the game it's only showing a part of the layout in the browser.

    How do I increase/decrease what player can see of the layout in play?

  • Changing the layout scale will essentially zoom in/out, if that's what you're looking for. Hard to tell from your question, but I'm guessing either that, or just change the window size to what you need.

  • When I play the game, ie. click "run layout" button, I can change size but the same amount of the game is shown.

    I've no idea how to explain better. Imagine a big square, with a smaller square inside that's about a third of the big squares size. I can only see what's in the little square when running the game.

  • "I can change size" -- The size of what? window?

    Have you tried the 2 things I suggested? Kinda hard to know what exactly you're trying to achieve with so little information. If you want to post a capx, I'll take a look (but I'm on stable, so I won't be able to open it if you're using a version higher than 184).

    EDIT: Went ahead and got beta.. If you want to post the capx, I'll take a look!

  • I can change the size of the browser window but what I see in the game stays the same. Imagine looking at a photo if a person that is focused on the torso, but you want to see the whole person.

    I don't have the vocabulary so don't know how else to explain OR to even understand your 2 suggestions.

    Just restarted using Construct 2 after getting a dedicated GPU.

    "Post the capx"? Don't understand. If it involves internet, then I can't do as posting here on android phone. No internet connected to PC.

  • I did change layout size from 1280, 1024 (doubled each value) but still got the same viewing size when playing the game.

  • You need to change the window size (in C2, not your browser). I would also suggest reading the manual and doing some tutorials.

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  • Thanks, how do I change the window size.

    I've downloaded the manual and it made my head spin.

    I'm asking as the game I built is the very first tutorial and am about to start the second platformer. I find hands on learning sticks. The manual is just too filled with jargon right now. Once I've done a half dozen or so tutorials, I'll then reread the manual as then it would make some sense.

  • Well.. don't just read the manual front to back, but use it for reference (works well alongside the tutorials). When you get stuck (or if you just want to understand something a tutorial had you do a bit better), pull up the manual and search. If you can't find what you need, then use the forum search, as almost any beginner question has probably been answered dozens of times.

    The window size is set just below where you set the layout size. Click "view" next to "project properties" and you'll see it.

  • Got it! Thanks alot!

    Will adjust my approach and reference the manual now as I go along.

    Thanks again

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