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  • Hi,

    I have been working on a mario style platformer but am noticing that I can only make small levels with out a huge drop in framerate. It seems that the more tiles I have in the level the slower the game runs. I have tried making the levels out of their default 'Sprite' state but have also made them 'Tile backgrounds' but the performance is bad either way. Ideally I want the game to run on mobile platforms, on small levels I can get a very good framerate on the iPhone 4 using cocoonjs but a level of 10000 pixels or more wide starts to really dip into noticeable choppy frame rates.

    Can some one explain to me the best way to lay tiles (i.e. as tiled backgrounds or sprites), is it better to use large tiles where possible or should I make the scene out of smaller tiles. Is there anyway of getting construct to not render this stuff off screen? Any other hints?

    Thank you all,


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  • Use large tiles, and tiled backgrounds, wherever possible.

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