How do I make game rotate/resize to fit screen

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  • Really hate to ask this as im sure its somewhere. Here goes

    Developing an app/game for a mobile device, ipad, android etc... Is there a way to make the game resize when the device is rotated so it fits the screen?

    In portrait the d pad a/b button are on the left and right respectivly. Rotate the device to landscape and the controls shift/slide left/right to fill screen.


  • That is great information but not exactly what I'm looking for. I have posted screen caps of what is happening and what I'm looking to accomplish. Any help would be awesome. thanks

    Current App


  • You are using letterbox scale. You'll need to use Scale Inner or Scale Outer and design your views accordingly, as described in the tutorial.

    Also I accidentally posted the second page of the tutorial. Here is the first page, in case you didn't notice it had a first page - ... zes/page-1

  • you need to lock the orientation to "landscape" and that should solve it. however if your exporting using ludei u have to choose again the fit of the screen and if you have it the wrong way... they wont match... if its made in intelxdk u dont need to worry for the fit just lock the landscape and design your game to fit the landscape view .

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  • I make an app and need landscape and portrait and just "hacked" this together and it seems to work so far.

    This does not work for games with levels cause you had to make all levels again but I think it will work for my App. I just rearrange the objects on the landscape layout so it fits better on wide screens. Or any other ideas how to do this? (I thought about showing different layers with UI elements on different positions, too).

  • Excellent, thank you. I did find Scale Outer eventually. I was not able to get the Orientation to work, but was able to force it to landscape with Intel XDK. I really appreciate the responses.

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