Funny bug that can occur when making large project watch out

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    Not the issue. Happend on saving the project.

    > Currently I'am working on a semi-large project and of course use save features to store information. The save feature basically saves the game whenever you beat a mission and it unlocks access to the next level. To make my life easier I have a global variable that is linked to a localstorage key. Both are linked to each sprite that represents my level selection menu.

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    > Now for the bug in Construct2 that randomly occurs. I put the code in to each sprite that if the global variable = a certain amount that sprite changes animation, plus its unlocked. For some odd reason Construct2 changes my global variable code randomly to another global variable, so when I run the game the next level is not unlocked. At 1st I thought it was me but now its happened right in front of my face. I save the game and the code changes right after I saved. 1st time I saw it I was like what the fack LOL.

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    > So if your save keys and variable somehow don't work, check over your code real quick before going nuts. It doesn't happen all the time but when making a large project it will start to happen, at least with me it does.




    If you use the "Save / Load" system actions then this is normal.

    So if you load a save game, you also load the values of the variables at the moment the game was saved. And that could lead to such an issue.

    Even if it's easy to use, the Save and Load function caused more problems than it solves (at least in my games).



    Check the photo on the top of page 3 it shows the exact problem.

    Check the photo on the top of page 3 it shows the exact problem.

    Sorry I didn't read this far! Well that's a pretty strange issue then.

    Sorry for the missunderstanding!



    Kyatric I have been using Construct 2 for 3 years and never found bug with large project. My advice check your code like Kyatric say and he don't want your game CAPX he want some proof . Moderator see's fit to make fun of you, no I do not thinks so. Kyatric he is good guy I know him for last 3 years. We had our differences but that's life. I have no hard feeling for his advice given to me in past.

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    As I stated a few posts ago, if in the first place your very first post had been clearer, and wasn't stated in a smartass way none of this would have happened.

    And I wasn't the only one to state it. But yeah I'm an easy target, I get it.

    Ok speaking on helping people what happened here?

    You couldn't understand the issue, good thing I came in to save the day haha its a bird, its a plane, no its Super Pixel Power to help when Kyatric can't LOL!!!

    Wow, you helped one individual. Great.

    I can't help with what I don't see.

    You understood someone who, like you, had troubles expressing himself in English. Great !

    As for your case, I asked for further informations, because the description of the issue is not clear.

    You don't care for precision, I do.

    Have you answered one of my technical question ? No you complained and whined.

    Have you once admitted that your first post made the issue unclear, and could be the reason this all started ?

    Not once, even though it has been pointed out by me and others. The last person to answer your topic did also misunderstand it !

    I was "harsh" in my first comment because you sounded harsh and out of line as well in your first two posts.

    And you are blaming me for, basically answering like you stated you do ? How funny is that ?

    You are sounding more and more like a troll to me I must admit, focusing only on trying to get me to tilt.

    The issue has already been treated in other topics/bug reports.

    Corruption of capx has been detailed over and fixed, as long as you don't use virtual hard drives.

    And if this is not the issue at end, well post a proper bug report following the bug report guidelines as this is what is being asked of any user encountering a bug with C2.

    Kyatric I sound like a troll? You got to be kidding me. With that statement I know your full of it. You posted on my thread but I'am the troll? Ok thank you for saying that now I can rest cause thats about the dumbest thing I heard. Half of the post I make on this forum is to help other people period.

    Again, failing to answer previous technical questions that could actually provide true help and precisions on the actual topic.

    Locking the topic for irrelevance.

    Have a nice day.

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