Fruit Ninja help.

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  • O.K thanks everybody that has helped so far.

    I've found some tutorials and added a start and finish screen.

    Now onto adding harder levels.

    Since this is my first game should I make the additional levels on different layouts and event sheets and have the game progress as it hits a certain score?

    That makes the most sense to me but I ask because there may be a different way to do it.

    The game so far:

  • you could use classic ideas like speeding things up

    an example should be:

    1- on level end, increase level

    2- store level to a variable

    3- link level variable to speed.

  • I'm working on making a level 2 with ninja's with different weapons, background, life hearts, poison.

    I want to add ninjas that will pop up and if you don't kill them fast enough they attack.

    I'm really enjoying this. Never thought I could put something like this together. Hopefully I can get to a decent level of expertise and bang out some fun stuff. For now I have to build off of templates and learn by tweaking them and asking questions.

    One question though when I look at the game on my phone the mouse clickable parts (like click to play) are not touch activated. Any advise on this?

    Also what dimensions on the layout do you recommend for playing on most mobile devices?

    Thanks again everyone for all the help.

    What I've got so far:

  • the click thing is a bug on browsers.

    for layout dimensions there are some threads on this, also check out that iOS requires at least 1024x768

  • So there is no way around the click or tap issue? or is there a different way to code it?


  • I was just thinking how would you code it to autostart the level jumping past the start up screen layout. That may be a way around it.

  • Also, how do I convert the mouse actions to touch actions? I'm trying to get the swiping action with the mouse replaced with a touch action but I'm stuck.

  • Replace:

    on left mouse button clicked with on any touch start


    Left button is down with is in touch

    you might have to add conditions for when the player is able to do other things with touch than slice.

    Easiest way would be to put the slicing actions in a group and activate it on game-play.

  • I actually did the two touch replacements you mentioned as that seemed the right thing to do but I could not get further than that as I am just starting to learn this.

    Could you give a little more detail on the grouping and activation?

    I appreciate the help.


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  • The grouping and deactivation is very program specific.

    For instance if you have a pause menu it would be good to deactivate all touch related input not related to the pause menu. By putting these in a group you can deactivate those events by a simple sytem deactivate group action.

    If you have buttons on your screen while slicing and you don't want to perform the slicing action when touching those buttons, a simple is not touching button condition under your touch events.

  • How would I go about grouping commands? Is there a tutorial that includes and example of this?


  • Right mouse button on event sheet - add group

    Put all events for that group as a subevent of the group.

  • Thanks. I'll start playing with that on a different saved version.

    Now I am trying to animate a Japanese screen when the level is complete pause it then open it for a different level.

    So upon completion of the level animate the screen closing on that level and opening on the next level with the words level 2 then the next level starts (with a different background and sprites)

    Now do I need to create a different layout for these steps?

    1- screen closing layout

    2- Screen opening layout

    3- Next level layout

    or is there a simpler way to do this?

  • Are there any tutorials that help to understand moving sprites to animate a start screen/story line scene/etc?

    I need to have for example the death scene have a sprite drop down from top to bottom then play another layout.

    Are there any tutorials that include something like this or can someone steer me in the right direction?

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