How do I format text output?

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  • Hello readers.

    I'm using NWjs quite successfully so far for file I/O, but have reached a point where I need to be able to layout the text in a file for printing. The issue is that writing or appending to a file using NWjs writes as a single line. I know about the newline system expression, but that doesn't actually format the output text in the file. I can't find a reference to any system expression such as asc() that allows one to provide an ASCII value or I would try using a carriage return. Does such a thing exist? My other solution is to write a HTML string with the formatting tags I need and view the output/print as HTML.

    I would prefer not to use a separate plugin just for this single purpose, but I'd like please anyone's suggestions or comments on how to easily lay out and format my output, whether using NWjs or not.


  • I happen to have a requirement for this also... calling all super-smart people!


  • korbaach

    The "newline" option doesn't actually format the text in the file as a "linebreak" or "carriage return". I think KodeMonkee and myself are wondering if there is a way to format the actual output with a carriage return, since "newline" doesn't actually add another line in the output. I guess it puts a special character there for reading information back into C2, however opening the file with notepad reveals that all inputs are in a single long line. We both need something that will format the text into new lines when viewed in notepad/wordpad.


  • Holy wow, Batman! I always viewed the file in Notepad. The thread is indeed correct. When I make a test and open it in Wordpad.. newline works as one would wish for. Since I'm planning on printing from Wordpad on the commandline anyway, this is perfect. Thank-you, sir! Thank-you!

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  • OH wow indeed... :/

    Yep, I made the same mistake... trusting notepad, lol. Oh well, that'll learn me.

    I should have actually tested wordpad myself. I'm happy to hear that wordpad will work though, since using Notepad+ isn't going to be a feasible option for my project at least.

    Thanks again korbaach

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