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  • Hello guys, first of all apologies for my poor english.

    I'm currently studying how to use Construct 2 (and all I can say is that I'm loving it, bought it on Steam and it's my best purchase for the year!) Well, I apologize if my question seems too silly, but I couldn't find answers to this:

    ->How do I make a footsteps sound play every time a sprite is walking on stage on key press? I tried, but the sound makes in a strange loop, like several sounds playing at once ...

    Please help me if possible.


  • Will need to see how the events are set up. Please link to cut down .capx file or a screenshot. If your rep is too low to post on here then feel free to message me and I will assist with a fix.

  • You just need to add the condition (System - Trigger once while true) so the sound only plays once. Depending on the length of your sound file and how often it will be triggered to play, you may also want to add an instance varaible called "Playing" and check to see if the file is already playing or not when it's triggered. IE, if the file is already playing don't trigger it to play again.

  • I've done that before, I set it up as a looping sound, so that it loops on it's own. When the key is NOT down, turn off the loop.

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  • That's a good idea Paradox, I'll have to keep that trick in the back of my head in case I ever need it.

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