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  • Hello! Thanks in advance.! I already made my main player to walk, run and jump (as Mario) and i want 2 things:

    1. Another 4 character to follow the main player

    2. Starting with the main player after he died, I want to control the movement of the second player, after second died I control the next one and so on.... For example is like having 5 Mario walking together one behind another after each one died I can control the next one.

    Need help with that ... Please I will be appreciate it

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  • I would try giving them some instance variable which relates to who is in control.

    like playerobject.playernumber

    give them numbers 1 to 4.

    have a variable indicating who currently is active

    global: activeplayer

    When picking the active player for control use: pick playerobject where playerobject.playernumber = activeplayer

    when that player dies, subtract 1 from activeplayer.

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