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  • I'm having a similar problem to my previous topic, minus the teleporting...


    The first one or two times each animation happens, it seems to flicker for a frame. After that, there isn't a problem. You can see it by running back and forth -- after a second you won't see any flickering. Then you can jump into the ? block, get the mushroom and become Super Mario, and the problem's back again for a few seconds since Super Mario has new animations.

    I don't expect anyone to sift through my code, but if you want to take a look, all of his animations are set in the Mario event sheet, towards the bottom under the "Animations" comment.

    I'm starting to suspect it might be something to do with my graphics card... [:\]

  • I see this flickering too on FireFox, for like an instant (when going left).

    It makes me thing about some kind of loading delay due to the auto-mirror, as if the "other side" animations wouldn't be available in memory before the very moment you try to display it.

    So, what about, in 1-1 sheet, on start of layout, trying to set mario's angle to 180 and set through all the animations, before setting him finally to the "start" animation and angle ?

    Does it "correct" things up ?

    If it does, but flickers at start, for the time of the startup, maybe consider displaying him as an effect, or something to "hide" the flickering. Once it is ok, simply display as intended.

  • Well, that doesn't eliminate it completely, but it's definitely a lot better. I had to run through all the animations and have a Wait action between each one for 0.01 seconds -- for some reason it didn't work at all without that.

  • Have the same problems like you. At R61 everything worked fine after updated to R62 the flickering started. Only workaround that worked for me was to delete the animations and reloaded them into C2. Maybe this will help as an idication what happen between R61 and R62.

  • D... delete them? <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> But I have so many... and I'd have to re-do so many events! Aggghhh. If that's the only way, I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it.

    Thanks for the workaround, even if I completely despise it. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Try it with one small animation. Made the same ... I have more buttons on the GUI than fingers on both hands so I started with one to see if its a bug linked to the animations. Let me know if it works for you as well. Right now I am thinking to downgrade back to R61 to avoid the deletion of all animations and reload them :)

  • Well, I tried it out, but it didn't seem to have any effect... What browser are you using? Maybe that makes a difference.

  • I think this is caused by the Auto-mirror setting. The image is not mirrored until the first time it is used (the first time you move left). Due to the way the browser works, it doesn't seem to want to display a texture the same tick it's created, so it gets a one-tick blanking out the first time you turn left.

    Is it any better in different browsers? It might be tricky to fix this.

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  • It happens in Chrome, Firefox, and IE for me. I don't have Opera or Safari but they're probably the same too.

    So I guess it isn't possible to store the mirrored image before it's used? Sounds like that would fix it. Then again, I have no idea how complex this stuff is. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I think this is caused by the Auto-mirror setting. The image is not mirrored until the first time it is used (the first time you move left).

    Out of curiosity, why is that? Why not mirror it at the start when it finishes loading?

  • I am using IE. Yesterday I tried a lot of things to avoid redoing everything. There are only a few things worked for me for sure but maybe you have also other ideas.

    1. For static animated objects insert a new event which stops the animation when the object is on screen and start the animation when doing dedicated things with the object. If stoping the animation it uses the first frame to display the object.

    2. Another workaround option is to give the object a dedicated time before the animation will start.


    system/every 0.01 seconds/object/move forward 1 pixel

    system/time > 3 seconds/object/set animation "default"

    3. Define the behavior of the object yourself and bypass the automirror. If using a player char you need than to say what happend if he collide with a obstacle and set the animation yourself. This means you also need to define which direction he will go if collide with an obstacle you also need to mirror the animation frames in the animation editor yourself and make a new animation which says for example "walkleft" or "walkright". You need then to set the animations for all directions your object move or collide with an obstacle.

    I dont know if it will be possible to have a action which switch on/off the automirror. My guess is this could solve the problem because you can use it then quite easily.

  • > I think this is caused by the Auto-mirror setting. The image is not mirrored until the first time it is used (the first time you move left).

    Out of curiosity, why is that? Why not mirror it at the start when it finishes loading?

    I was worried that the game could freeze for a long time on startup if you had a lot of objects using auto-mirror or auto-flip. However, I guess it would be better to do all the mirroring and flipping on startup anyway. I'll change that for the next build.

  • Sometimes if you have a physics object attached to the player controller it can make it flicker. My animation flickered when I attached physics to the player controller. To stop it I placed physics on the player animation instead. (I pinned the player animation to the controller sprite to avoid collision glitching)

  • 0_0 what the hell are you doing in such an old topic like that? There were probably no physics back then.

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