How do I fix/make multiplayer?

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  • I tried implementing multiplayer it used to work but now its just broken. keep in mind enemies don't move or work yet but everything else should but it just does this weird stuff instead. I cant really find a solution and been trying to fix it all day so any help would be great. is the capx.

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  • Your example is too busy. Try a smaller example doing the same general thing.

  • I'm so sorry but I cant really pin down the "general thing" as it is a busy project. If you could take a look at the even sheets and such its not that complicated, just more objects to deal with. All I want working right now is the multiplayer system that makes both of them able to move, have custom nametags and see each-other and their nametags. I'm trying to get this fixed while I have the thread up so if you can find out how to fix it please tell me or send me a capx.

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  • Disregard that, is the optimal amount of objects and events and such.

  • You aren't following the pattern in the C2 example. In "On client update" you should also be checking the peerid. I'm guessing you are picking up messages for the wrong peer, maybe. Double check the example. In the console, there are lots of errors for the non-host and that browser gets slower and slower. Seems like you are sending messages to the wrong peer and clogging up the system.

  • That dosen't seem to work. Can you try to make the example work and just send me the capx? Or try explaining how to fix it or what is the problem with it in layman terms? I might just throw away the multiplayer aspect all together and start again from scratch if I cant find a way to fix it today.

  • I don't need to make and example, the C2 template does exactly what you want to do. Just follow it closer. You have done things differently.

  • I meant try to fix my old example, it just would of been easy for me to look over it and see exactly whats wrong. Doesn't seem like you guys would be much more help so I'l just redo it but following the c2 pong template like I said earlier. Thanks for the help anyways!

  • The Multiplayer Real Time game is doing the 8Direction stuff you need.

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