How do I fix intel xdk build error?

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  • Hello friends, I am completely new here. I don't have much experience with Construct 2 as well as Intel XDK. I am facing this same issue. It is very frustrating to have such problems in your baby steps. Kindly help me over this issue.

  • xmnboy how I can send you the zip file of project ?

  • Intel XDX is broken, it's October and I still get different errors even when following the same exact steps every single time. Like I do the exact thing, I get can't upload error, unexpected length error, unexpected token error. I've done this before and it's worked. But sometimes it simply doesn't work.

    Intel XDX needs to fix their s**t.

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  • you dont have to use the cordove export on c2

    you con use to HTML web export

    after exporting go to the export folder and create a new folder named :


    paste all file to this folder

    in intel XDK open a new HTML code base porject and upload the exported folder

    it work perfect

    That actually didn't work for me, kept breaking. For me New Intel XDX in Construct 2 does it, and it's worked, but sometimes it breaks.

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