How do I fix this event problem..

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  • Ok so i am using list dropdown menu for materials to buy and when i go to If Grass is picked then buy grass with gold.

    The problem is I Set the item name on first one (assuming that its item 0 ) "..." and The next item to "grass"

    My event is still allowing you to buy grass on "..." instead of Grass itself. I tried every thing possible that i could think of.

    Am i misunderstanding how list really work? If so please do so correct me because ive looked everywhere to solve this problem.

  • You need to post some more info. A capx would be helpful.

  • the object of the game is to harvest node and then sell it to merchant and I cannot get the least List and dialogue to function correctly because it is letting the "dot dot dot" (buy/sell list) being the same as "buy" as well as the "dot dot dot" (herblist) on the buying option.

    I cannot see where i went wrong and if i did how do i make it correctly when selected the buy option you get to the Buying menu not on "dot dot dot " Same for the "herblist list" because it is gamebreaking and its clearly a bug that i do not want to see in my final form.

  • Don't use Compare it with Item text at just use the Index Compare Selection is more precise if you gonna make later a sell one use compare selection with index =2 and so on.. Hope it help ya!

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  • Omg i did not know that sort of event existed saved me a few gray hairs thx you

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