How do I fix direction of Cloning the Classics: PacMan

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  • Hello,

    I'm very new to construct 2 and I am using some examples found on this site to better understand the program.

    I wanted to recreate pacman that I found here: (cant post urls yet - omnomnomagon-returns in arcade) but the cpx file seems to be older than the version on the arcade.

    Im trying to change the direction of pacman to the correct way, i found another user had the same user but i could not understand the answer

    "Change Pacman's bullet behaviour 'Set angle' property to 'No'. Same with the Ghosts and the Points sprites."

    The only part i can see with the word angle in it is below: and it wont let me put in NO.

    Help would be greatly appreciated


  • I have attached the capx file

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  • Might be best if you read manual and maybe one of the excellent generic platformer tutorials, as they will give you the fundamentals you need.

    The angle property you refer to is on the left hand side in the property pane. Select the pacman object, then look at the property pane on the left of the screen and look down until you see the bullet behavior. The angle here needs to be set to 'no'.

  • Fantastic!

    Yeah ill start reading them now and do some more of the examples

    Many thanks again!

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