How do I Fix This Cut-scene Programming! [Pics]

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  • Thanks for your replies on the text post I made.

    However, I'd like to remain as basic as possible in terms of programming. I am novice level programmer, 100% game designer and don't want to over complicate things. SO I have decided to just use images as they will be constant throughout all platforms.

    With brings me to the point, I need major help on this cut-scene programming I designed.

    It's basically relying on "Wait" actions coupled with a "Scene" variable. Wait actions appear to be completely unreliable because every time I begin testing the cut-scene engages actions at different times - every time! This has left me tremendously confused.

    Player collides with NPCRope Mark, is made invisible along with FatherNPC, they are moved to the rope and the rope climbing animations are set visible. Then using 'wait' and variables a series of events take place with make a demon head appear behind the player, various noises, then playable character is made visible again, there is no solid under him so he falls.

    I'm sure a few of you are looking at this with disgust ! I am not formally trained in programming so my methods may be completely obscene. Please help me tighten this up a bit, once I have achieved this I can begin building the came - easy street from here on out!

    It would be a massive help if you could provide images of your corrections, or just a capx. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  • Even if someone could someone could just skim over it and identify the faults? I'm sure some of you would be able to spot them

  • Hi Ran, haha as a fellow graphic artist with absolutely 0 skill in programming, I can understand your feelings!

    For my case, I try to use as little invert as possible. I think in your case you are using too much inverts that you have gotten confused. To be honest, I am quite confused with what you are trying to do in the first picture. You should try to keep your triggers as simple and as little as possible.

    For most of your images, your problem is that you didn't have a trigger once while true, so it will for every tick run those actions and wait for that amount of seconds, which is it waits forever. For example, the second image of waiting 4.2 seconds, it does that for every tick, so it will never end.

  • Yeah it's definitely over-complicated!

    So without trigger once while true it will just repeat the actions every tick until the "wait" is finished? THen move onto the next? I see so that will put the entire thing out of whack. !!!

    Well, thanks a lot for your suggestions, I actually came up with a massive Lightbulb moment while waiting for replies here... I might just change the waiting to a "player presses x..." That will circumvent the random times and over complicated buggy problem.

    FEW! Literally designed most of the game, this is the last programming hurdle and I can just design! Thanks again Rekjl

  • God this is still a major dilemma for such a simple task... Im still open to brainstorm ideas!

  • I think my biggest issue is figuring out how to tell Construct to wait a certain amount of time before performing the next actions.

    What would be the easiest and most effective way to achieve;

    "Variable = x, show text, wait x seconds, move character, wait x seconds, variable = x"

    and so on...

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  • Okay, I don't mean to spam but I think I finally figured it out!

    I should have done this aes ago, but I finally set up a timer using this string -

    So now every tic a certain amount of time is added onto the cinema variable which means I can trigger events at certain times. Boom, boom, then boom scene done.


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