How do I fix cocoonJS frame rate stutter?

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  • I get about 58FPS with my game on my samsung galaxy s4, but there is framrate stutter where it pauses for a very split second on creation of a 128x128 sprite, and collision on that sprite. any ideas?

  • Can't think of how to fix the collision stutter - I've never found a way myself. For the creation of the sprite hesitation, could you create it somewhere else and just move it into view instead?

  • ah man, that's kinda game breaking for me. i was thinking on doing that too, but havent tested it. I get great FPS, just not stable. Im not using physics or anything like that either

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  • Create an offscreen buffer of all sprites. Your stutter is probably coming loading an image.

    As for collision. I would suggest auditing all your collisions checks. Minimize and efficient the checks. Then test them one by one to find which specific one that happens. Then check each action in the collision events to find out what's causing the stutter.

    It's possible you also might just be hitting memory limits so even offscreen sprites might not help

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