How do I find the folder Intel XDK made for my app?!?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to learn how to create IOS builds with Intel XDK, but apparently the tutorial is old. It mentions that the XDK will create a folder in Documents, but it does NOT. Any idea where the folder is actually being created and what its called?


    PS, I'm on Vista, NOT windows 7 or 8

  • I consider it an honor to be able to help the man who made Spriter!

    Right click on the project folder in the XDK and select Show in OS. For some reason the XDK elected to name my project folder www in this example....

  • You found the Intel Folder at:


    If you start a new Project in the XDK, you found your Work:


    If you will use a existing Project, the XDK save a File to your ProjectFolder (Where you save your Project)

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  • Edelplastic you are right. intel project file location is same as you have given

    c:\users\<Your Name>\Appdata\Local\Intel

    AppData is hidden so you have to first make it visible. by ALT + F > Tools >Folder Option > view > show hidden files, folder, drives.


  • Thanks very much for the help everyone.


    To clarify, I'm the founder of BrashMonkey, but the man truely responsible for Spriter's development and most of it's awesomeness is Lucid (Edgar). I'm the co-designer of Spriter and a pro game artist who's also making the official Spriter art packs and many of the tutorials.

    Thanks very much for the kind words and support. I mean a lot to both of us.


    Mike at BrashMonkey

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