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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm pretty new to construct and I'm trying to make my first app integrated to Facebook. I already created a Facebook App and set it up fine at my Facebook Developer section.

    Now, the problem is, before installing the app, I can enter the page (http://apps.acebook.com/appname) and see the "login page", the one that is alredy built in the default facebook project, but the button is never enabled, meaning the plugin never gets ready.

    If I visit the app online, out of Facebook (http://www.mydomain.com/appname), the button is enabled normaly and I can install the app. After that I am able to go through the Facebook page and use it normally.

    How can I allow users that doesn't have the app installed to enter the Facebook page and click the button to install it normally, instead of having them going to my site, as all other apps do? Also, can't it be automatic, that is, when user hasn't got the app and enters the page, it automatically asks for the permissions, like every other apps?

    Thank you all in advance,


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