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  • Hi,

    I've read a thousand times all posts to login with facebook but I have not found an answer to solve the problem , I think that many people want to run the facebook login on mobile.

    I have created 2 applications in the developer page of facebook, one pointing to my local test environment and one to my website with https installed.

    When I try the login in my test environment , the game works and it is able to log to facebook, this is also clear to me , because I have tested the game on my private network and in the facebook application I have defined my private network as domain.

    But if I use the "online" facebook application with my https site the login NOT works, I think this is also clear: the mobile device does not belong to the domain of my site.

    Now the questions:

    all the mobiles with my game installed, don't belong to my domain, how can Facebook understand that is a "trust" game?

    should I change a parameter in the developer facebook page?: if I put "for android " ask me "Package Name" or "Key Hashes " or " Class Name" , but where do I find these values?

    or I should put "App on Facebook " ? but what values ??of "CanvasURL" ?

    I sincerely tried all the possibilities but it still not works !

    Thank you for an answer!!!!!!

    Best Regards,


  • I fixed this before.

    in the facebook dev settings, where you need to give it the canvas URL, I had to add ?s=1 behind the url.





    my app domain had to include: examplegamesite.com

    For every domain you link to, there has to be an included app domain.

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  • Hello lennaert,

    thanks for the reply, the game works in facebook, my problem is with Android, the fb developer page does not have to set any website but the packagename, class name and KeyHashes.


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