Facebook high scores work intermittently

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  • Hi all! I built this game and the high scores from facebook show up only about 50% of the time. Any idea what might be causing this?


  • Just opened it up, first make sure to request a new app secret on your facebook developer app page soon. You left it in your capx which could allow for less decent people to mes with your app.

  • They are known for throttling content at Facebook and you look like you have it set to post a new highscore every time the score passes facebook saved score. Maybe set the score to update every milestone(ie every 100 score points. I don't think you need to include the facebook ready in that condition statement either, if they have logged in then the sdk is assumed ready. Make sure your app is categorized as a game as well on the game app page. In order for highscore and achievements to work properly the app must be set to game. Anyways, those are just a couple thoughts, not sure if they solve the problem but I tried. :) PS don't forget to change your app secret now.

  • Ok I reset it to only post the highscore at the end of the round but it still doesn't seem to want to retrieve the highscore info from facebook and post it to the scoreboard I created. Any ideas?

  • it seems that bucket.health <= 0 at the top of your eventsheet destroys the bucket, (the one where you share your app)

    this will make the events stop working at the bottom of your eventsheet

    depending were the eventsheet is when the event fires

    so sometimes it will run, sometimes not

    edit: you can probably fix this just by moving that topevent to the bottom, so it only destroys when all events are finished

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  • nice catch :)

  • OK, tried making that change. Seems to work more frequently but still not reliably and now it is generating the top 5 high scores and then the top 2 below that. Any other ideas? By the way thanks for the help, been wrestling with this for a while before I came here.

  • https://dl.dropbox.com/u/104969459/PSW%20Game%20facebooked.capx

    if this one here is your final capx. i`ve made 2-3 changes at the bottom of event sheet 1 and the Facebook scores seems to run well :


    here you can see the changes i`ve made :


  • Thanks Bros5! That seems to have fixed my issue!

  • you are welcome ChristianXPEM   <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Seems to be working great now and it's live on facebook! You can try it out at this link if you like.


    Thanks again for the help everyone!

  • Hi,

    This post was very informative to me. I'm creating a Facebook game which is using Facebook Highscore table. I have made the changes as per Ashley mentioned in this post. But I'm facing an issue here in my case. If a user is playing the game he can only view his score but not others score. We need all users to get the others score on HighScore table.

    Please see the screenshot of our code:


    Please help us in this issue. Thank you

  • Hello "rkv84" have you fixed your problem with the scores?

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