Facebook app customization and AJAX response

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  • OK. Everything works now :) I've made some great changes to the Official Facebook plugin. I'll post a link when I finish so that you can download it.

  • I saw the thread. I had done the same a while back then noticed the developers asked us not to adjust the official plugins so I had them take it down. I had put all the basics in there for reference but could never seem to get the access token without putting the app secret in. How did you get the token if you don't mind my asking? I can't download the file from my iPad to see. :(

  • I just added the selected line:

    <img src="http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/8751/80a608af3f9a4725a85cd6f.png" border="0" />

    And then expression for Token.

  • Nice,

    Tokens expire after a predefined time app. 2 hours. You should try adding the trade in token system as an action next.

  • I personally don't need that because I'm building prize apps which users use only once.

    But in the case that I would want that... how would I do that? Could you customize it as you think that would work?

  • Hi, and sorry to hijack your thread :-)

    Trying to do something facebook here as well.

    Can't make your (lanceal) example work..

    I added my own app-id and path.

    I think I get logged in right, but the info doesn't get back into construct.

    Perhaps you could take a quick look at qrun.dk.

  • That looks like my fb store on your page there. :) so I'm guessing you are trying to get fb credits to work? engberg, send me a private message, it's easier than checking to see if there are any thread updates. My guess is I have been uploading different versions to Dropbox without realizing it and you caught an unfinished one. I looked and it loads up fine on your site, requests permissions and throws up the access token.

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  • engberg,

    I uploaded a copy of my current base relics game file. You would need to change the pertinent info for your game but I know this capx is up to date as I'm currently using this exact build:

    Relics Of Yore Main Login

    As you will see I use the direct method for login and it works fluidly with the Facebook plugin here(you don't need to log in using the javascript popup way)

    This should get you up to speed if you want to do it this way.

  • engberg,

    I have uploaded my current FB store as well.

    FB Store

    No extra plugins or external calls(just don't click the buttons to avoid external problems). Just the core login that I use. I included a bit of text in the specials menu, so when you log in and go to the specials menu, it should show you the user name.

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