Extracting art from tilesets for game use

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  • I'm working with construct 2 now and understand how to import individual tiles into the game when separated, but the whole issue is getting them separated in the first place. Can anyone help me with the easiest way to do this with photoshop cs2 or point me toward a tutorial? The google has been no help.

  • appreciate the reply, but not what I'm looking for. Say I have a sheet of random 2d pixel art how do I take the individual pieces from the picture and isolate them for importing for say a background or character in photoshop cs2 (think it works the same in newer versions). I understand the actual importing part.

  • It all depends how this file looks like.

    Try this

  • basically I'm just asking how to crop(I understand the cropping part) then paste (in photoshop) onto a transparent background so that the tile doesn't have a white border surrounding it when imported into the engine.

  • So, You have an image and you asking how to seperate each element from that image to different sprites?

    Or maybe you could show us this image, to understand better what you are trying to do.

  • newgrounds.com/art/view/hyptosis/til-art-batch-2

    I'm wanting to use an individual grass tile then tile that image for a background.

    Just asking how do I take a piece of this picture and isolate it for use in this engine.

  • open it up in photoshop, use marquee tool to select what you want, copy to new file (or remove stuff you don't need) and save it.

  • but how do I make it so there's not a ton of space surrounding it(the specific set of sprites I want to use)?

    literally I've been searching google for hours and no luck, I would think this is something everyone here does all the time.

  • if you crop the image there wont be any space around it

    that's precisely what cropping does

  • not in cs2 and when I import the image into construct 2, but then again this is using the lasso tool or crop tool.

    I think you all might be thinking I'm asking a harder question then what I'm asking. Literally just asking how the background is removed.

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  • Open the file in photoshop, in the layers window double click "background" to make it a layer instead. Then select the background area (magic wand, lasso, etc) and hit the delete key.

  • much easier in another program (photoshop / gimp / etc) but if you rectangle select   from the very top of top the image to above where you want to keep (also all the way from the left to the right of the image) then hit delete on keyboard it will remove the unwanted area. Then press the crop transparent edges button. Repeat for the bottom, left and right unwanted areas.

    Hope this makes some sense ?

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