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  • we all know that construct2 is an html5 game program. Though, I like to make flash games, but i didnt find anything good. I only love construct2, so are there any plugin or Export program to convert HTML5 games by C2 to SWF Games (Flash)? Hope you respond. Its very important subject to me.

  • This is not likely to ever be supported.

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  • Why, I Love C2 but i won them as flash.

  • until now,there's nothing about swf files??i think,this will be very" useless

  • The whole point of C2 at the beginning was to help make good, complete, polished browser games without any plugin, and to go beyond what browsers games tends to be because of flash itself, having a swf exporter would likely nerf the performances, reduce the possible effects, have a lot of trade-offs and incompabilities, require a plugin from the user, and is just not worth the effort. If you really want to have a flash game, I ve heard quite a long time before that an swf wrapper for html5 existed but I still don t see the point nowadays (I think they were made when html5 was all new, webGL wasn t a thing yet, and all that stuff), whereas now, embedding an html5 game inside a flash player is just pure nonsense IMO.

  • You people cannot be satisfied with what you have. Construct 2 is better then Flash. Furthermore If you want flash type game or from flash all you have to do is write down code of flash. Animation is same. Convert flash code to Construct syntax and bobs your uncle. Ashley has done so much for you lot. Ashley create something for these lot so simple that they wont have to type or do anything with mouse or keyboard. LOL

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