How do I Export a Construct 2 Game to Android in Easiest Way

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  • Hi Friends,

    I am very new for exporting Construct 2 games to various platforms. I wanted to export a simple game to Android and run it on my phone. I couldn't succeed it. I tried to export an apk file for the game and just wanted to run it. I tried it with CocoonJs and Crosswalk, i think i am missing something somewhere.

    Can you guys please direct me simply how to run my game on Android? Or if you know another easy ways exporting for Android, i want to hear your recommendations.

    As a note; i searched forums and read tutorials, then i am here for your help.

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  • I have exported my test project to my android via cocoonjs successfully.

    When you are exporting from cocoonjs what problem did you have? Which tutorial did you follow? What error did occur?

    If you could be more specific or attach ur test capx that would be easier to help.

  • Harishankar I also tried to export my game. I got it to work with Cajoonjs on my android phone but it lags a bit. Did it lag for you? If no, how do you export it for android so it doesn't lag. Its not a heavy game at all.

  • For immediate reply check this video found on YouTube

    But manuals and tutorials in this website will have enough explanation too. Check that too.

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