How do I export 2048x images in Paster with blends effects

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  • I want to export a 2048x2048 images in C2 or using the R0J0hound Paster plugin but have this problems:

    1.- Take snapshot canvas on System actions: (Image Ok - Resolution Fail)

    Problem > The image exported depends of the window app size. If user have max monitor resolution of 1920x1080 can't export to 2048x2048.

    2.- Paster plugin(WebGL). Pasting objects or Paste Layer: (Image Fail - Resolution ok)

    Can export 2048x2048 textures but the exported images with some WebGL effects not looks equal(Like contrast). Also if the image have any blend WebGl effects(Screen, Darken, Difference..) gives an error. Here a screenshot with the error:

    3.- Paster plugin(WebGL). Load texture from canvas: (Image Ok - Resolution Fail)

    Is similar to Canvas Snapshot, but i can set the canvas/resolution of the paster to 2048x2048 but the exported shows only the window app size:

    So, wonder if there is anyway to export up to 2048x2048(Or higher) using the canvas snapshot or paster plugin no matter the window app size. Or do a real screenshot of X size of the canvas/layout not only the window display.

    Any idea?

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  • Set the window size that big before taking the snapshot. You may need to wait a tick first, and when it’s done sit the window size back. I think the action is set canvas size.

    Just use the vanilla c2 features, the paster object is not needed

  • R0J0hound I already tried that way but not works or i can't get working.

    This are my events:

    I'm using "Scale inner" for scaling because is what works for me needs. Tried the rest of the options and all same or less resolution except with "Full screen scaling OFF".


    Exports an image of 2560x2560 with the texture area of: 2367x1668.

    Full Screen:

    Exports an image of at same resolution app starts or set initially.

    Maybe i understood you wrong ¿?

    Edit: Also the window app size can be larger than the user screen resolution, or at least in W7. Btw, the app also need to work online and there is no window size only on Nw.JS.

  • In psuedo events it should be this:

    On click

    --- set viewport size to (layoutwidth, layoutheight)

    --- wait 0 seconds

    --- snapshot canvas as png

    On snapshot

    --- browser: invoke download snapshoturl

    --- set viewport size to (640, 480)

    The wait is so the runtime has a chance to do the change, since it's delayed till the end of a tick.

    If it doesn't work, then i guess it doesn't work. I don't know if the scaling mode, the export method, or anything else has a bearing on it not working. I've had it work in the cases I've tested, but I don't recall what they were.

  • R0J0hound After all test i made, the unique way to take screenshot larger than the user screen is:

    With "Fullscreen in Browser" set "OFF" on Browsers and NW.JS. In case of NW.JS only in Window Mode.

    With that i can take screenshots even of 3200x3200 no matter that my max resolution is 1920x1080.

    But i can't get my interface looks right with "OFF" so my idea/workaround was start with Scale inner, and before the screenshot set "OFF" but there is no option to that in the system/browser actions, so wonder if there is anyway to access to that option using "execute javascript" ¿?

  • You could always just move around the layout a screen at a time, capture a screenshot of each and merge then together. ... .capx?dl=1

  • R0J0hound LOL! That's just the idea i had days ago and last night told to dop2000 that after the attempts we did i was gonna develop it and compare with the actual method we already have

    Not understand very well the way you did(I had another aproach) but yours looks better.


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