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  • Hi! How we can change the name and the score of the highscore with a variable? We want to display the player username and his score.

    This is the actually code "http://myurl/post.php?name=Puntuacion_Billar&score=1"

    We try changing score=1 to score=Puntos but it take as text.

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  • give it a global variable like "http://yoururl/post.php?name=" & NAMEVARIABLE & "&score=" & SCOREVARIABLE

    & or + to connect the strings, can't test it right now cause im at work

  • Thx, i will try it :)

  • I'm almost finished with an arkenoid game I'm working on and after some google, manual and forum searches ended up here.

    Am thinking this'd be rather awesome for both loading layouts on the fly and saving scores.

    The only question I have at the moment is the row and table names.

    From the example downloaded , 1,1 is blank, with row and column names in the first row and first column.

    Is it possible to dispense with titles/names and reference them by number instead?

  • Hi

    Has anyone a working HISHSCORE


  • Thanks for sharing angry birds is excellent and a great start for me !!!

  • Learned a lot from this thread, thanks for all.

  • thanks for the examples

  • Hey there, online highscore works perfect for me, but:

    How can I protect it from beeing cheated. For example you just have to enter this into the browser


    to get a highscore.

    Is there a possibility that the php script can only be called directly by the game/server?

    Or is there another solution for this problem?

    I allready tried to put this into the php files:



    die("not allowed");



    But this only works if you call the php script directly without parameters ("http://myurl/post.php")

    Thanks for your help!

  • Nice work thanks

  • Thanks for the great examples, Ize!

    I did a casual game based on the shape recognition example, but he didn't worked in the mobile Ludei/CocoonJS built.

    Do you have any ideas what is happening?


    I solved the problem changing the Textbox by Spritefont.

    The Textbox isn't supported by Cocoon.

  • Thanks for sharing these examples!

  • Ize Happen to still have the capx for the lemmings example?

  • Ize could you provide another link that are live?

    because your link in the first post are already dead

  • would also be interested in the gesture and lemmings examples!

    all files seem down atm, any chance of bringing them back?

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