How do I erase multiple tiles at once in the editor?

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  • So, considering I've been using C2 for quite some time now I feel pretty dumb asking this, but how can I delete multiple tiles at once in the editor? I've tried pairing the erase tool with the rectangular select tool, but to no avail. I saw on a forum someone said "Rectangular Select + Delete" but the only place that got me was a deleted tilemap. Really could use help with this, I'm about to beat my head against a wall in frustration.

  • OK, figured it out myself XD lol But for the sake of anyone else out there trying to figure this out, you have to select the erase tile tool, then press the select key on your keyboard while clicking on the rectangular tile tool. Seems a bit involved to me, but hey, it works

    EDIT: Nope, that don't work at all, DON'T do that lol Instead refer to 7Soul's post, which just made my life so much easier

  • The size of the eraser is the same as your current selection. So if you select 2x2 tiles, your eraser will be 2x2

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  • OK, thanks!! Just discovered that my second post about having "figured it out" was all wrong, and now I've got a tilemap filled with solid invisible tiles :/ lol But hey, NOW I know what to do!!! Thank you so much, I was really to the point of total frustration just now.

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