encountered a weird code glitch

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  • Ok so If you were following my other post yes its from the same game that ive been working on. So I got the inventory to a anchor style because who doesnt like to anchor their UI. Anyway I got my selector and my arrow picker all working just perfect.

    Except for one small problem the Arrow picker is like 300px from where it should have been anchor after the anchor is enable. But it correct itself when I press down or up button.

    Which is ok for game mechanic goes but I would like if anyone can tell me why its doing that there like no event to tell to do that and I am even using strict variable to control it all with variables

    To see the glitch just move around open n close inventory a bunch of time and you will notice strange behavior with the arrow. cant pin down the problem or why its doing that.

    Is there a special event i need to add in-order to make it stop doing that ?

    heres the capx (https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjb07o9d3i24o ... .capx?dl=1)

  • You have to put the origin Image-Point of your arrow in the middle, then it should work.

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  • I cant use that origin in the middle because it will throw off my snap to grid and my other sprite for the Grid 32. this isnt the issue with Origin point. Even if i were to put it in the middle it wouldnt change the fact that its way off its location mark of where to anchor.

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