How do I embed C2 Game in a HTML5 site - a hybrid app.

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  • For Mobile devices, C2 is very poor at handling forms (login, create account), navigation, settings, help pages, tutorials etc. It has no dialog or modal dialog support, very basic gesture support and very few UI components. For this reason we abandoned development of a game which was almost complete.

    We are now thinking the way forward is to develop most of the app outside C2, and are thinking of Sencha Touch. This would handle login, create account, payments, game history, help, navigation etc. It would launch the game.

    Has anyone done something like this?

    Issues we see are:

    1. launching the game, possibly in side some object (e.g. a div) with menu navigation outside the game, or possibly full screen.

    2. passing in logged in session info. This could be done via a server, and the app pass the session ID to the game via url parameter. Somewhat open to abuse if people started guessing the random session ID. Any other ways which are secure? E.g. using local storage?

    3. FB integration. If the outer app used FB login, and the game wanted to show say a FB leaderboard, how would the game get hold of the FB login/session details? We have not done a FB integration, so are noobs in this area.

    4. How to close the game and get back to the app? We tried using System: Exit Application and calling window.close() from the game but didnt have any luck with these (they don't do anything).

    5. Packaging up to make a single native app, e.g. with phonegap. How would this work? I assume it would not be possible.

    We are hoping these are silly questions, for which there is a trivial answers...

    Any thoughts?

    Does anyone have an example of this approach?

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