How do I easily handle waves of enemies (shmup) ?

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  • You can always have a look at demos, in the Space Ship demo, he uses a good way of spawing enemies, may be this could help you

  • you could have done it with just an instance with different variables,

    anyway it should evenly work with families,

    i have here a version that can spawn at equal time, but havent found how you can with there own timing Yann , maybe you know a way? im interested myself too, cant find it


  • I think giving every sprite it's own timer is best for things like this. 'Every x seconds' won't work as you want it to for multiple sprites.


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  • i finaly found a solution for it, maybe you still want to use it


    ah ramones beat me to it :) yours better with dt

  • Your solutions seems to be great!

    My goal is to have a game I could easily modify : change, remove or add enemies, weapons, bonuses... and manage waves with different patterns and so on.

    Thanks for your help, as usual ! :)

  • Edit: capx fixed

    Hey guys,

    since there was some talk about different kinds of enemies, but no actual project with that feature except for the Space Shooter (or I am blind), I went ahead and gave it a shot. I am a beginner, so it really caused some meltdowns in my brain during the last 3 days and there's probably still a lot of room for improvement perfomance-wise.

    As I am working on a tower defense with several levels, I made it so that each level can have its own .JSON-file where the data for the Enemy-Wave-Management can be stored and fed to an array which the events have access to. If you double-click on the JSON-file, you can easily access and change it. (It opens with your standart software. I use JSONedit.):


    I probably could have saved some events, if one were able to address members of families or instances of an object that have a certain instance variable not only in conditions, but also in actions, somewhat like this:


    So all in all I think it works but again, since I'm new to this, if someone doesn't find it too complicated to have a look at it, knock yourselves out.

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