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  • Hello all. So, I've been having troubles with a little something. The sprites I use for players and enemies and such (platformer) have a big black outline to them. Is there anyway to get rid of these without individually going through each one with an eraser? Thanks for any help!

  • You could try writing a batch editing script in a photo editor (if pixel = black & is beside a transparent pixel, then make it transparent). I'd look on google to see if you can find a tutorial on it for GIMP or whatever photo editor you use (nothing like this is built into Construct 2 I don't believe).

  • Unfortunately, you'll have to edit each one, or write a script to do it for you as rabidsheep said.

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  • Just fill around your sprite with a black background....then select the black background with a magic wand tool ....press delete,and that will delete both in one go.(or set transparent colour,and use fill tool on your background in C2)then save without your black borders....

    But I actually like them...

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