Easiest way to make multiple levels?

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  • I have used the copying the xml's and editing them and that works great, what i have done and am still doing on my latest game is similar to an earlier post, if you have a game that uses most of the same objects and conditions for each level, then globals is what i use, and i leave one level open and simple COPY and PASTE, and if i want the same graphic/object but to change some behaviours etc i use CLONE OBJECT TYPE.

    As for the Events, i create GROUPS such as CONTROLS, COLLISIONS, CONDITIONS, DEBUG etc then you can just copy and paste them into your new Event Sheets,

    Also it's worth noting i rename all Layouts and Event Sheets to match for easier and faster editing and bug finding.

    That way everything is nice neat and tidy and easy to understand.

  • You should make the walls randomly generated

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  • Does the actual "Duplicate" option, when you right click a layout override this "hack"?

  • I just right click on a layout in the projects windows and duplicate.

  • Yeah, that's what I was talking about. This thread is from Oct 2011, so I was just making sure, as I was having some issues.

  • Miyavi - yes, the duplicate feature was added after this thread. Most old threads are no longer relevant because we've added features to solve the problem.

  • droptank21, could not find your .capx at: mypwn.com/construct2/shadowgate-15.capx or dl.dropbox.com/u/44787590/Tutorial.capx as they seem to be deadlinks.

  • Sorry. Yes, I dropped that url. Will upload to dropbox when I get the opportunity.

  • Hi guys, is there a better best-practice for having multiple layouts with one controlling event sheet? I can't find a tutorial.

    Like sqiddster I want to have multiple layouts/levels, but don't want to have a separate event sheet for each, in case I need to make changes to the logic!

  • onion each layout has an 'event sheet' property, which you can set to the main event sheet. That's what I do.

  • Awesome thanks, I hadn't noticed that property tucked in there. This'll make my life much easier!

  • Is there any way to use ajax function to load next layout from generated in C2 xml ? Im asking because of my bad application performance issue- yes, I try to make it well working on android device. I dont know how to make sure there will be only nesesary objects in vram, and all data for loaded layout only... something like create and destroy function ( and maybe clear memory ;p )?

    Do I contrive in good way, or just fight with the windmills ?

  • Other layouts don't use your vram, only the current layout that is loaded. When you move from one layout to the next, the previous layout is cleared from memory and all objects in it are destroyed.

  • thanks for reply ;)

    that clarified the situation... for now ;p

  • Kyatric

    How would you do it for another game? I want to take a few elements from one game to another just to save set up time. My timer, Score and a few other things that I've tweaked to perfection so is there a way to do that?


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