EaseTween with mouse condition

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  • Oh, and I forgot to tell you, the newest litetween is kinda different with the old one due to talk I had with several ppl on the forum.

    You no longer need to specify initial coordinate/etc for tween, it always tween from current to target.

    If you want to tween from x,y to x2,y2 (not from current to x2,y2), simply set the position to x, y first before setting target. Because setting target automatically readjust initial to current position.

    And, it is now much more stable IMHO... some bug fixes like opacity fix etc...

  • lunarray

    Yes ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    That's a much nicer way of doing it.

    Thank you for this it's just right now I think.

    I will report back if I find anything else but as from this test everything is working as expected here.

    Also have you abandoned the value parameter, I was wondering how that might be used ?.


  • lunarray

    Is this possible ?

    Clamp: left,right,top,bottom

    To be able to tween just the desired edges of a sprite.


  • JKID

    I'm afraid that would be kinda too specific for litetween. And I didn't really understand what do you mean by clamp for tween.

    I am developing Litetween for the purpose of taking providing user with the most essential tools for tweening, therefore I took down alot of convenient but rather non-straightforward approach like playmode, etc.

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  • lunarray

    Hi sorry I think I was over complicating things.

    What I am wondering is if it's possible to achieve an accordion effect by tweening just the bottom edge.

    jQuery example.




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