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  • hello

    i posted about a week ago about there being a change in drop box, new users and old users that have been given the new drop box are not able to use it for quickly posting there games.

    has anyone else had an idea what else could be done? i have games waiting to be posted, i cant post them, please can someone help?

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  • Do you mean for hosting your games?

    I don't know of anything that worked like drop box did but you could always use a free hosting service if your broke.

    Here is a reputable one that Iv used in the past that is ad-free:


    You get:

    100 GB of bandwidth

    10 GB of disk space

    Addon domains are unlimited

    5 Email accounts

    5 FTP accounts

    5 MySQL database

    5 Free Subdomains

    5 Parked domain

    Website builder, cPanel

    FTP, PHP5, cURL & more

    And the best part is it's free

    You will probably need a free FTP client for uploading your game files. Here is a good one:


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