How do I draw lives

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    > > Does it matter? As a newbie C2 user i search the forum for help and ideas and i guess other new users would someday arrive to this places so why not post my feelings and impressions?

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    > Post your questions, feelings and impressions in a new thread, that would be more helpful for everyone. I'm not a mod, but that's just common forum etiquette.


    In my opinion posting in another thread is out of place if what i'm posting is related to this matter, and here is where people serching the same thing as i searched will arrive. i don't see the importance of the "older" or "newer" when the important is the keywords you search in the searchbox.

    I googled something like "construct 2 drawing lives" and this was one of the top results i found.

    Construct 2 may be an exception in what I'm about to say: bumping old threads is bad because it may contain outdated information, and the people who participated in the conversation might not be available to respond. C2 is an exception because the runtime hasn't changed a lot since 2014.

    Starting a new thread will create a new conversation with more up to date content for new users.

    Most game dev forums I visit enforce a 90-160 days period beyond which it is prohibited to bump an inactive thread, it helps in keeping the new topics alive and visible and lets old topics die out.

    In your case, you bumped the thread just to repeat what has been said before and say thanks, I don't believe it justifies bringing this thread back to life.

    Let's keep these forums new, fresh and interesting.

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  • Let's keep these forums new, fresh and interesting.

    You didn't readed me or you don't care?

    I told you i googled something like "drawing lives in C2" and this thread was on top results, that's fresh, i don't care older if there are no other threads related.

    So yo don't like people posting in old threads to keep them interesting... instead you prefer to be here posting once and over and been annoying and get the thread full of your nonsenses...

    Your contributtion to this thread is ZERO.

    You didn't even make a post before i posted mine.

    You basically are doing exactly the opposite of keeping "freeessshh and inteeeresssting" threads...

    Moderate yourself.

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