double touch like double mouse click

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  • Hum...

    I don't really understand the link between double tap and what you said...

    Does someone have an idea about how to get a "real" double touch/click ?

  • Ehm Perlin, wouldn't you have to have touched the device before being able to release it?

    If you want a certain timeframe in which double-touching is possible using the timer behaviour could be a possibility, but maybe I'm not understanding your issue..

  • Ok here is my .capx :


    It's seem that the dash (high speed) work properly by double clicking.

    But try to hold a touch/click in order to move the player at normal speed then quickly release the touch/click and click again.

    You can see that the player is dashing (high speed).

    Like I sais before:

    Click > Release > Click = action   IS a real double touch/click

    Release > Click> = action ISN'T a real double touch/click

    The problem is that the player could accidentaly dash when I don't want to AND if he think that dash=double touch, et could accidentaly stop is dash mouvement (in my .capx) by clicking one time more than he have to do:

    Example: I'm moving the player by holding touch, and quickly I release my finger, and double click on another part of the field.

    So we have:

    Touch Holding > ReleaseTouch > Touch > Release > Touch > Holding

         =               =           =                 =        =

    Normal Player   No control     Player            Player    Normal Player

    Move          over player    dashing           Normal       Move

                                                 (not dashing


    Like I said before :

    Click > Release > Click = action   IS a real double touch/click

    Release > Click> = action ISN'T a real double touch/click

    In my case, I can't tell the player that dashing is double touch, because it isn't ! If He does a double touch from a state where the screen isn't touch, the double touch seems like a real one and dash occurs normaly. But if does a double touch from a state where he is already touching the screen in order to move the player, the dash will be stoped by the second touch of the double touch.

    It's hard to explain but you sould test it with my .capx to understand.

  • Touch Holding = Player Normal Move


    ReleaseTouch = No more control over Player


        Touch    = Player Dashing


    Release    = No more control over Player   


    Touch&Holding = Player Normal Move (not dashing anymore)

  • Perlin lol my mystake :)

  • I think I get it !


    Here is a real double touch dash !

    Dunno if we can use it to make a real double jump but it work !

  • Changed the capx to use timer behaviour and had it start at first touch instead of on touch end, you should play with the timer value to fit your needs.

    Double touch with Timer behaviour

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  • Good !

    Now I have two ways to doing it !

    THX !

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