How do I have doors make rooms visible?

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  • I want to make a little space game a little like FTL but you can enter/exit your ship. I would like it where when you exit a ship the interior is replaced with the exterior of the ship, and when you enter the interior becomes visible again. Is this possible and how could i achieve this?

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  • Layer two images of your ship sprite on top of each other. One for the interior, one for the exterior on top.

    While Player is overlapping ship, set exterior visibility to 0.

  • Yes oosyrag is correct

    but just to clarify ..To do that method above you would need to make sure that you select the Top exterior sprite when you check for overlapping

    if you want a fancy smooth Fade Transition...

    -Add 2 Fade Behaviors to your Ship Exterior .Sprite

    -Rename one as FADE_IN

    -set 'Active at start' to NO

    -set up your Fade in time to some value you like.

    -Set Fade out time to 0

    -Set Destroy to NO

    Rename second FADE Behavior as FADE_OUT

    --set 'Active at start' to NO

    -set up your Fade in time to 0

    -Set Fade out time to some value you like.

    -Set Destroy to NO

    Then make new Events that call each Fade Behavior according to which one you want..either FADE_IN or FADE_OUT

    for example...

    Player-->is Overlapping Exterior Ship.Sprite

    Trigger once while true

    --> ExteriorShip.Sprite -> FADE_OUT->Start Fade

    and another event

    Player-->is NOT Overlapping Exterior Ship.Sprite (invert Condition)

    Trigger once while true

    --> ExteriorShip.Sprite -> FADE_IN->Start Fade

    This should make a smooth Fade in/out Transition which is Time variable

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