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  • Oh hai!

    Im new here to the forums even though I have spent a bit of time playing with construct in the past. Im going to try and tackle it once again.

    What I am working on is a legend of zelda style, top down dungeon crawler. Right now Im just trying to get the basics of the game down, movement, attacks, etc.

    I have got the movement down except for some diagnoal problems which Ill work on later. Right now I want the Player Character (PC) to be able to perform an attack. I have included my .capx file here

    Here are some of the other things I am interested in doing.

    • making walls that the PC cannot move through
    • making pushable blocks (to trigger something in the future)
    • making the PC pick up a weapon

    Are there any tutorials for these things specifically?

  • Sorry to double post, I guess my initial questions is - how do I go about setting up the attack animation for each direction?

  • Check this post

  • I did the ghost shooter tut and I'm familiar with how to set up the bullet stuff. What Im interested in doing is a melee attack with four different animations (left, right, up, down) like the original Legend of Zelda. Ill keep working on it.

  • + On key pressed UP

    => set player animation to "meleeattack" (from beginning)

    => set player angle to 270

    + On key pressed RIGHT

    => set player animation to "meleeattack" (from beginning)

    => set player angle to 0

    + On key pressed DOWN

    => set player animation to "meleeattack" (from beginning)

    => set player angle to 90

    + On key pressed LEFT

    => set player animation to "meleeattack" (from beginning)

    => set player angle to 180

    Set its angle to 0 on pressing the right arrow key, and 180 when pressing the left arrow key....and expand.

    Since I suppose "original legend of zelda" is topview.

    If not, don't change the angle, but make 4 animation corresponding to the 4 direction, and set the correct animations to the correct key pressed.

  • I'm trying to make a side scrolling platformer, with 8 way control.

    I just imported my sprite sheet, and made a "Jumping" animation. But when I do

    + On key pressed Z

    => set player animation to "Jumping" (from beginning)

    The animation doesn't begin. Nothing happens actually. Any ideas?

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  • baconstructor: you need to "Start" the animation to play it.

    Make sure the speed is correct (>0) and that you have several frames in your animation.

    Make sure the name of your animation is rigorously the same as the name you are "calling". Animation name is CaSe SeNsiTiVe.

  • Thanks for the fast response. :)

    + On key pressed Z

    => set player animation to "Start player animation" (from beginning)

    How would I point it to "Jumping" afterwards?

    The names seem to be fine, animation speed is at 5, and I have 7 frames of animation.

  • How to animate player while walking?!

  • link down :O please reupp !

  • Hi,

    I've tried following every guide i can get my hands on but i still can't figure out whats wrong here. I'm using the same set of instructions for touch controls as well as keyboard controls, yet i get very different outputs.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Touch is working great with all animations working as intended.

    Keyboard makes the character stuck on frame 0 for default animation set.

    I noticed i was using 8-directional keyboard input. Deactivating it does not solve the problem though...

    What am i doing wrong? <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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