Can you directly include a font and event skipping question.

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  • One person on these forums claimed that you can directly include a font with your game to use it with the text object. Is this true? If so, how? My other question, is there an event to skip to the next event or action? For instance, on right click - skip to next event (or action). Thanks amigos y amigas!

  • My other question, is there an event to skip to the next event or action? For instance, on right click - skip to next event (or action).

    This is not making sense to me, could you give an example or some more detail please? The next event after what? I'm sure there is no direct way of skipping an event but you could write your logic accordingly.

  • Just a page-wide event: "on right click, skip to next event (or action)". The reason I'm asking this is because I have an intro movie in my game with many actions coming one after the other. I would like to make a way so people can skip screens if they want. I already have it set up that if they right click, they go to the next layout which is the main part of the game.

  • Maybe I'm thick but I still don't quite get it, maybe a sample would be good or some pseudocode. Some people do use the term 'screen' as 'layout', but are you meaning the intro video consists of multiple videos (screens), and you want to skip ahead to the next one on right click?

  • Yes. The intro movie is single frames like comic frames. I was wondering if there's a way to skip individual frames. Like a "on left click, go to next event." Maybe not. I guess you could have each frame be a layout and do it that way.

  • This sounds easy but there must be something more to it than I can see?? If your frames are static images, then can't you just maintain a sequence of frame number values and on each click, increase that by one and display the corresponding frame? (say, if your frames are animation frames in a Sprite)

  • codah - that sounds like a good approach - I will try that. Thanks. Does anyone have any idea about the font question?

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  • I assume you're aware of web fonts but didn't like that approach?

    edit: yea I just re-read the first post

  • Web fonts seem to be a very limited (not many of them). In my game, I'm using some unusual fonts - I guess I could try to convert them into a sprite font but that would be a lot of work. On one thread, some claimed that they included a ttf with their layout to use a font in their game.

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