How do I make different movement for the same object

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  • Hello,

    I have an object (Object1). I add a instance variable to this object: move= 0. When move is = 1, the object1 simulate platform right. When I am overlapping another sprite (active), the object1 set value for move=1, so it move to right.

    Ok, I copy the object1 so there are two object1 and two "active" but I want that when I am overlapping the "active" sprite, only object1 (the original and not the copy) start moving right, and when I am overlapping the copy of the "active" sprite, start moving the another object1.

    I hope I explained

    Sorry for my english, and thank you!

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  • So just create a variable called 'original' and set it to 1 on the one you want to move and 0 on the ones you don't. Then before you do the moved actions check if 'original' is set to 1.

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