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Template for a generic save / load system, fully documented in comments and video
  • I am also trying to add dialog choices to my game. I have tried the method but apparently i am doing something wrong since choices do not seem to have any effect. Would it be possible to post your code kabuto202 so I could see what i may be doing wrong

  • I'm prolly gonna post it one my dev blog when I get it up. But the full system wouldn't be finished anytime soon, since I'm currently doing code/art/design on and off.

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  • Oh i don't need a full system, just can not get it to call up an answer based on a selection. Seems to always default to the same choice. I am sure I am missing just one part to the code but can not for the life of me sort out what. Any help would be AMAZING

  • bfrye26: start a new thread and post your capx.

    This is the best thing to do when requiring help, knowing what you already have, what you want to do, what you achieved so far, what works as intended and what doesn't.

  • Sounds great, Will post the file in a bit

  • I think I may be looking for something similar to the OP, and am wondering if the information posted here would be useful to me.

    I want to create a choose-your-own-adventure game which is essentially a series of text boxes with multiple choice questions (no graphics because I suck at art). Your answer can change a value (like health, inventory, food, etc) and then affects what the next text box will be, such as: "A wild badger appears! 1) Fight 2) Flee 3) Fall down crying." Choice 1 results in a new text box saying "You attack the badger! [Stats are calculated and then a die is rolled] You beat the crap out of it" or "You attack the badger! It bites your knees off. -10HP." Choice results in a calculation and then "You successfully flee / You are not successful." Etc. This keeps happening until you either reach the end of the story/chain of events, or you die. If it's not too difficult, I wouldn't mind some choices being invisible unless you meet certain criteria (you have X item, or Y money, or made Z choice a while ago), but what I need first are the text boxes and clickable text (or number) options which brings up the next text box.

    This thread might be useful, but really I have no idea how to code, so nothing in this thread makes much sense to me... which is why I am attempting to use Construct 2 in the first place, to see if I can get around that fact.

    I have searched "Choose your own adventure" in the tutorials and How Do I...? sections and found nothing all that useful. Suggestions?

  • I can tell you that if your intention is to "get around coding" then you probably wont get very far even with C2. The event sheets in C2 are a form of programming albeit a very easy to grasp form. What you are intending to do is not going to be easy but it is possible. My advice to you is to stop thinking of Construct as a means to "get around coding" and start thinking of it as a relatively pain free entry in to learning to code. There isn't going to be a tutorial here or anywhere else that is just going to straight up tell you exactly what to do step by step to make your game work. Instead of looking for one try breaking down your project in to modular peices and figuring out how to overcome each step one by one. That way you will be much more likely to find info that is meaningful and reletive to the problem at hand. But when you find that answer you need to be able to process it and come out knowing how to fix your issue and for that you are going to have to learn the software which in turn means you are going to have to learn a bit of programming. (like I said visual programming such as what you see in constructs event sheets is still programming)

    I hope that helps :)

    I encourage you not to give up!

  • Thanks for info

  • I apologize for the necromancy, but the forums won't let me send PMs yet. I would have just PM's Yann instead of raising a thread from the fossil record. I also don't see a rules post forbidding the resurrection of fossils.

    Yann, I'm interested in the examples you posted earlier in the thread. Your dropbox links seem to have gone stale. Do you, by chance, still have them?

    I too am looking to set up an RPG with branching dialog, and while I see a bunch of ways to do it, and Yann's descriptions have been informative, I think I can still learn more from an example. My goal is to set up a system that it will make it as easy as possible to set up dialog for hundreds of conversations, even if that means writing a plugin. It looks like all the dialog will be in one array though. Is there a way to make an array local to a specific layout? I would like to deal with each layout separately, since we seem to be making levels in no particular order.

  • The links for the files seems to be expired. Would you please re-upload them again? Thanks in Advance

  • Yann your link is dead as do do

  • Yann, do you still have the dialog example to reupload? If so it would be helpful a lot

  • I edited the link, but don't expect something that helpful, it's just a basic example of text loading and displaying

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