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  • Hello,

    how am I supposed to set portrait orientation in Construct 2 in order to play my game like that in my (android) mobile phone? It still shows in landscape orientation and I want to forbid this type of orientation.

    I just also want to create my game and preview that game in a browser in PORTRAIT orientation.

    please I am deseprate...

  • Are you running it in a browser on your android device? or via cocoonJS or?

    As Ashley states here. there is really no option to look the orientation in a browser.

    But if you use one of the export mechanisms(cocoonJS, phonegap etc.) you can do it there.

  • oh ok i didnt know that there is no option to lock the orientation....

    but when I run my game via cocoonJS Launcher (with Portrait orientation set) it looks like this ->

    I had to draw it for better understanding it is the landscape orientation but in portrait orientation device... so it fills only half of my screen.

    my resolution in Project Properties is 1280x720

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  • exactly, the same problem im facing.

    when i launch my app in android via Cocoonjs. Mine does not display at the center either. I am wondering how to solve this...

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